Michigan CEO who hid PFAS pollution to be honored as ‘role model’

Read the full story at MLive.

Thanks to Wolverine Worldwide, there’s a 25 square-mile area of northern Kent County where the groundwater is poisonous to drink.

Wolverine, which polluted the area with PFAS chemicals while making shoes, knew and did nothing about the contamination until its toxic dumping was discovered five years ago.

Nonetheless, its board chairman and newly-retired CEO Blake Krueger will be honored with a business community award this month for being a role model to young people.

On Oct. 24 at Frederick Meijer Gardens, Krueger will be inducted as a laureate into the Junior Achievement West Michigan Business Hall of Fame by the Junior Achievement of the Michigan Great Lakes (JAMGL).

The chapter of the global JA nonprofit presents the award annually to prominent business leaders who “possess a record of outstanding business achievements in West Michigan, have earned the respect of the local community and who serve as a role model, particularly to local youth.”

People who drank from poisoned wells are flabbergasted.

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