Webinar: Sustainability, Growth and Resilience: A Guide for Business

Oct 6, 2022, noon-1 pm CT
Register here.

Just as companies are upping their game when it comes to addressing their sustainability and climate impacts, so, too, are cities, transit districts and other public agencies. They are taking a fresh look at their infrastructure — everything from water, power and transit systems to mobility hubs — through the lens of improving lives and livelihoods while making their communities more prosperous and climate-resilient.

The critical infrastructure that keeps cities running also can help companies better meet their sustainability goals. It’s not just about technology. There’s a significant people-centered approach at the heart of planning and designing decisions.

In this hour-long webcast, hear from experts and engineers at Black & Veatch, who have been helping keep cities’ lights on and clean water flowing for over 100 years, and from Tranzito, an urban smart mobility operator, about the StreetsLA program in Los Angeles, California. The program, which is re-imagining public transportation in the city, could forever alter U.S. perceptions about public transit and shared mobility, and also serves as a model for systems from a people-first perspective.

Join this session to hear from the experts, listen in on the discussion, ask your questions, and learn:

  • What to consider now to mitigate business disruptions due to climate-change factors
  • How the people, planet, profit framework can align with designing infrastructure for growth and resilience
  • What people-first design looks like, and how it can spur economic development and environmental justice
  • How StreetsLA is helping the City of Los Angeles prepare for an influx of visitors for the 2026 World Cup and 2028 Olympics


  • Joel Makower, Co-Founder & Chairman, GreenBiz Group


  • Steph Stoppenhagen, Director, Business Development, Black & Veatch
  • Ajay Kasarabada, Associate Vice President & Director, Environmental Solutions, Black & Veatch
  • Gene Oh, CEO, Tranzito

If you can’t tune in live, please register and GreenBiz will email you a link to access the webcast recording and resources, available to you on-demand after the live webcast.

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