These maps show how many ‘dangerous’ heat days your neighborhood may have by midcentury

Read the full story at Fast Company.

See also Rise in extreme heat will hit minority communities hardest at E&E News, which includes additional analysis that combines First Street’s data with Census Bureau records to analyze racial and ethnic disparities in exposure to extreme heat.

Right now, there are only a few pockets of the U.S. where it’s possible that the heat index might rise above 125 degrees Fahrenheit—a particularly dangerous threshold for human health. But by the middle of the century, a much larger area is at risk, sprawling from the Gulf Coast across a swath of the middle of the country, and reaching as far north as southern Wisconsin.

A new report [by First Street] maps out where it could happen, along with the increased risk of more ordinary (but still risky) extreme heat, heat waves, and temperatures that surge outside local norms. In a new tool, you can type in any American address, and see both the risks from heat in your neighborhood now and by midcentury. It’s part of Risk Factor, a broader climate risk tool that also shows the risk from flooding or wildfires for any American address.

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