To improve tuna sustainability in eastern Pacific, fishery managers must build on progress

Read the full story from Pew.

The Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission (IATTC) manages fisheries worth billions of dollars each year and at times has struggled to steward these resources effectively. For years, the Commission had ample opportunity—and scientific reasons—to adopt effective measures on vessel monitoring, transparency, and other management issues but instead defaulted to a status quo that imperiled the health of fish populations. Finally, in 2021, IATTC adopted one such improvement: a multiyear plan for managing tropical tuna.

Now, at its Aug. 1-5 meeting in Phoenix, IATTC should build on that success by demonstrating a commitment to durable, science-based fisheries management. Specifically, the Commission should strengthen its oversight of transshipment—the transfer of catch from fishing vessels to carrier ships that take the fish to port—and its monitoring of fisheries activities, and it should adopt a new management measure for North Pacific albacore tuna.

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