The Superfund Next Door: Toxins and Mistrust in Atlanta

Aydali Campa at Inside Climate News recently wrote a three-part series on the neighborhood impact of a Superfund site cleanup effort on Atlanta’s Westside.

In Atlanta, work on a new EPA Superfund site leaves Black neighborhoods wary. fearing gentrification
The EPA wants to test soil for lead contamination in two historically Black neighborhoods on Atlanta’s west side. Residents, eyeing the creep of gentrification, worry that the cleanup is part of an effort to push them out.

A fear of gentrification turns clearing lead contamination on Atlanta’s Westside into a ‘two-edged sword’ for residents
The EPA says it is working hard to allay communities fears as it works to clean up 2,000 properties on a new Superfund site. But suspicions run deep in a city with a history of displacing Black communities in the name of urban redevelopment.

Progress in baby steps: Westside Atlanta lead cleanup slowly earns trust with help from local institutions
A historic church in Atlanta’s Vine City community is helping build residents’ trust and bring attention to the environmental health concerns in the area. The historically Black neighborhood is part of a new Superfund site contaminated with lead-tainted soil.

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