End-of-Life of Composite Materials in the Framework of the Circular Economy

Chatziparaskeva, G., Papamichael, I., Voukkali, I., Loizia, P., Sourkouni, G., Argirusis, C., & Zorpas, A. A. (2022). End-of-Life of Composite Materials in the Framework of the Circular Economy. Microplastics1(3), 377–392. https://doi.org/10.3390/microplastics1030028

Abstract: Composite materials constitute an appealing choice in many industrial sectors, due to their unique composition and characteristics, such as low maintenance requirements, light weight, corrosion resistance, and durability. However, the sustainable management of end-of-life composite materials remains a challenge. Recovery strategies, design aspects, and their interconnection are currently largely unexplored, while technologies involved in the circular economy (reuse, reduce, recycle, refurbish, etc.) could be improved. The current paper provides an overview of the existing methods of composite material waste management, while presenting new circular economy prospects for end-of-life strategies and providing a brief roadmap towards circularity for industries. Finally, existing circular economy practices in regard to composites are presented in different European countries to present the applicability of composite material end-of-life waste management.

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