Three-part series on climate impacts of the dairy industry

E&E News recently did a three-part series on the dairy industry’s climate impacts. They are:

‘Cow power’ goes dark as manure-to-electricity fizzles
New York’s experience with “cow power” illustrates the challenges for making electricity from manure across the country. The dairy industry has yet to settle on a system that consistently rewards farmers for the practice, leading to disappointment in many places even as one state, Vermont, keeps the idea alive through a voluntary surcharge on ratepayers.

Natural gas could power new chapter in manure-to-energy
Let down by electric utilities, farmers bet on natural gas as a more promising way to make a return from cow manure.

Changing cows’ diets could curb emissions. Will farmers dig in?
An array of potential feed additives could reduce greenhouse gas emissions from cows, but farmers would need to get on board.

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