The Sustainability Scorecard

Paul Anastas and Urvashi Bhatnagar have a new book out. The Sustainability Scorecard provides a way for companies to identify where they currently are on their sustainability journeys, as well as a method to track progress. It makes the case that sustainability is good business. It also guides leaders through creating and scaling a green supply chain initiative.

From the book jacket:

Using a unique, practical scorecard understandable to any executive in or outside of operations, this book, once and for all, makes the pragmatic argument for sustainable supply chains crystal clear. In the midst of “green fatigue,” many leaders have lost sight of the pure success any business can achieve by focusing on hidden supply costs and toxic inputs. The authors show operations and implementation-focused business leaders how to innovate their supply chains to introduce and scale sustainable solutions. Through repeatable, reliable processes that address operating model design and new key performance indicators to scaling, this book is a practical guide that leaders can rely on to make their existing systems more sustainable and profitable.

Read the GreenBiz review.

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