‘Renewable Ravenswood’ | Plan for New York’s largest power plant to swap fossils for wind and solar

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Developer Rise’s scheme to transform New York City’s oil-and-gas-fired Ravenswood plant into a renewables hub seen as ‘transformative’ step in meeting state goal of 70% renewables by 2030

Methane prevention potential of leftover brewer’s yeast

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Brewer’s yeast used to make beer is typically discarded once it’s no longer needed. The yeast, known as Saccharomyces cerevisiae, absorb humolones, lupolones and other compounds from hops that contribute to beer’s flavor and aroma. Humolones and lupolones are both biologically active molecules that inhibit certain bacteria and other microbes, including those that trigger the cow’s release of methane and ammonia.

Gen Z and Millennial fashionistas grapple with secondhand fashion over conflicting values

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At first look, the ongoing surge in apparel thrifting and online resale appears to be a resounding win for the environment. With fewer barely-worn garments ending up in landfills, a lower overall carbon footprint and reduced water and fertilizer consumption, how could it not be? Of course, while all of those benefits are certainly a boon, there is a caveat. Instead of abating fast fashion, secondhand marketplaces have gotten in on the trade.

Silk offers an alternative to some microplastics

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Researchers have developed a biodegradable system based on silk to replace microplastics added to agricultural products, paints, and cosmetics.

Certifications proliferating on product labels

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The US Department of Agriculture’s organic seal remains prominent on many product labels, and increasingly, it is gaining company. Other certifications and sustainable promotions are emerging, gaining in sales and becoming familiar to more consumers.

American Airlines gets first-ever CORSIA-cBatch of sustainable fuel

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American Airlines became the first airline to take delivery of a Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation or CORSIA-certified batch of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) this week.

Barbie releasing Jane Goodall doll made of recycled plastic

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Mattel on Tuesday announced that the Barbie brand will be releasing a Jane Goodall doll made of recycled plastic to recognize the renowned anthropologist.

The new product, part of Barbie’s “Inspiring Women” series, is available at retailers immediately and coincides with the 62-year anniversary of Goodall’s famed first visit to Gombe National Park in Tanzania.

In My Opinion: Unpacking the elements of effective EPR

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There seems to be disagreement in the industry – and confusion for the public – on whether or not recycling is “broken.” But regardless of the word we use to describe it, most recycling professionals would agree that there’s plenty of opportunity to improve the supply chain, starting with product design, then moving through collection and sortation, with a continual focus on quality in order to feed end-use manufacturing.

How environmentally responsible is lithium brine mining? It depends on how old the water is

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A groundbreaking new study comprehensively accounts for the hydrological impact of lithium mining. Since lithium is the key component of the lithium-ion batteries that are crucial for the transition away from fossil fuels and towards green energy, it is critical to fully understand how to responsibly obtain the precious element.

Drought center kicks off $1 million defense project to predict unrest

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Weather and climate can contribute to civil unrest, especially in countries with little to no social safety nets, where people depend on subsistence farming to feed themselves and their families. The question is, can civil unrest be predicted along with the weather?