The role of startups in restoring our climate with carbon removal

Read the full story at The Hill.

As the world faces a growing list of climate disasters, from unprecedented summer wildfires in Alaska to record-breaking heat waves in Asia, congressional negotiations on climate action continue to sputter. Amidst this landscape, the U.S. Department of Energy is convening a Carbon Negative Shot Summit this week on climate solutions. The summit is not focused on stopping climate pollution, which is essential to limit the devastation of climate change, but on another growing pillar of climate action: managing the massive amount of pollution that humans have already lodged in our atmosphere. Removing and managing carbon dioxide (CO2) is already happening in tandem with reducing climate pollution, but to reach gigaton-scale carbon management that can make a meaningful dent in U.S. and global climate targets, we need the innovation and ingenuity of startups.

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