EPA scientists and partners team up to tackle Cape Cod’s nutrient pollution and protect water quality

Read the full story from U.S. EPA.

Like many places in the country, Cape Cod’s coastal waters are under stress from excess nutrients, which mainly consist of nitrogen. While nitrogen and other nutrients occur naturally in the environment, too many nutrients can cause water to become polluted. Nutrient pollution from human activity can throw natural water systems out of balance, leading to algal blooms and contributing to low oxygen conditions that harm aquatic ecosystems and can cause fish kills.

To help Cape Cod solve its nutrient pollution problem, EPA researchers are collaborating with federal, state, and community partners. This diverse group of partners came together with the common goal of restoring the water quality and natural ecosystems on which the region depends. Their work includes research to better understand nutrient pollution in the region, field testing nitrogen-removal technologies, and developing communication methods to engage community members throughout the research process.

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