Pritzker signs bill amending Environmental Protection Act to prohibit disposal by incineration of PFAS

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Governor JB Pritzker signed HB 4818 Wednesday, an amendment to the Environmental Protection Act prohibiting the disposal by incineration of any perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), including aqueous film forming foam (AFFF).

Why Biden just used one of his most significant powers on insulation

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When a president invokes the Defense Production Act, it’s one of the rare moments the executive branch orders the private market to act. In the past, it has been used to boost production to help fight wars and battle a global pandemic. This week, President Biden used it for something a bit unexpected.

It’s not weaponry or some high-tech device, but building insulation. This humdrum material may not be anyone’s idea of advanced national security technology but, according to the Biden administration, it’s one of the key weapons we’ll need to combat energy waste amid a rapidly changing climate.

What’s standing in the way of a circular food packaging economy?

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As CPGs test new bottle and wrapper prototypes and set goals to cut virgin plastic use, critics warn roadblocks could trip up their progress.

How Covid made world’s trash problem uch worse

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In 2020, when coronavirus lockdowns emptied public spaces and birdsong replaced the drone of cars and airplanes, some saw an opportunity to embrace a slower, more mindful way of life and prioritize the health of the planet over boundless consumption. It hasn’t turned out that way. A surge in e-commerce and online meal deliveries means humanity is spewing out trash like never before. And an avalanche of discarded face masks, gloves, syringes and test kits that saved countless lives has left a deadly legacy to the natural world.

Making microplastic identification more accessible

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Imagine trying to count hundreds, thousands, even millions of tiny particles that are too small to see with the human eye. Now, imagine those tiny particles could be any shape, size, or color and are covered in mud. That’s a challenge that EPA chemist Michaela Cashman, Ph.D. and other EPA researchers are taking on in their microplastics identification research.

The Investor Guide to Climate Transition Plans in the U.S. Food Sector

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Despite greater corporate climate disclosure and commitments to greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets, net zero targets and other climate-related goals, many companies in the U.S. food sector fail to adequately disclose sufficient information to investors on how they intend to achieve said ambitions. This report provides the most comprehensive guidance to help food companies move beyond target-setting to creating and implementing sector-specific climate transition plans that chart pathways to greenhouse gas emissions reductions.

How three companies are solving problems using biomimicry

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At Circularity 22 last week, a session led by the Biomimicry Institute explored how some companies are looking towards nature for inspiration. Biomimicry is the design paradigm that models products, materials, structures and systems on systems and practices found in nature and biology. 

Uptime Institute Data Center Sustainability report series

The Uptime Institute has released a series of reports on data center sustainability. The reports are:

Target, CVS testing reusable bag rental system in New Jersey

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Target and CVS are testing a reusable bag rental system called Goatote at select stores in New Jersey, following the state’s ban on single-use paper and plastic bags that went into effect earlier this month, according to a press release last week.  

Shoppers use their smartphones to scan a QR code at a Goatote kiosk to take as many bags as needed and then return them within 30 days to any kiosk. 

The pilot comes at a time when retailers are trying to find alternatives to single-use bags as a growing number of cities and states look to curb their use. 

Dogs helping scientists assess health of threatened ornate box turtles

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For nearly 50 years, the ornate box turtle has been endangered or threatened. Highly sought after as pets, they’re even poached and traded on the black market.

Conservationists are enlisting the unique help of man’s best friend to try and save the turtles.