5th Annual Green Chemistry Commitment Summit (free, virtual event)

June 23, 2022, 10 am-2 pm CDT
More information and to register

Never has integrating green chemistry into our higher education system been more critical. At this fun and inspiring summit, you’ll connect with our growing community of green chemists and educators from around the globe; gain valuable connections, resources, and insights; and learn how you can be an essential part of the green chemistry future.

With programming tracks for both current Green Chemistry Commitment signers and green chemistry newcomers, the Summit will offer useful resources and information for all higher ed faculty and those who aim to practice green chemistry.

Why attend?

At this educational and inspiring summit, you will: 

  • connect with fellow green chemists, educators, and industry leaders,
  • share resources and successes,
  • innovate together,
  • and connect and collaborate.

Is this event for me?

Wondering if you should join us? This event is for you if you are:

  • higher ed faculty from universities across the globe
  • looking for support to start incorporating green chemistry into your courses
  • looking to expand green chemistry in your courses and on your campus
  • looking for resources and networking within the field of green chemistry education
  • a supporter of green chemistry education

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