Manufacturers’ tales of going green: 3 steps F&B manufacturers can take to make sustainability pay

Read the full story at Food Industry Executive.

Savvy F&B manufacturers are already looking at how they can turn their environmental initiatives into a competitive advantage. Design-for-sustainability is also now a high priority across the food packaging industry as manufacturers look to reduce waste and contribute to a more circular economy by creating packaging products and materials that are biodegradable, lighter-weight, and recyclable.

Together, the efforts of F&B companies, packaging providers, and the supply chains they rely on are helping to reduce carbon emissions and non-recyclable waste. They are also creating support networks and frameworks manufacturers need to realize lean manufacturing gains from their investments.

At the same time, many of the lean production processes F&B manufacturers have practiced for years can contribute to greater sustainability results. Let’s look at three real-world examples of how companies in the F&B industry are achieving greater sustainability levels that directly contribute to improving lean manufacturing performance.

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