Green Jobs Now: Illinois

Download the document.

We estimate that there are over 30,712 workers across core, enabled, and enabling green jobs
in Illinois’ green economy, and there were 9,045 green job openings in the state in 2021. By
comparison, this is more than twice the demand for general accountants in Illinois. Demand for
these green workers is also growing rapidly, which may put a strain on the training community
helping to develop the next generation of green workers. We project that in the next five years,
employment for green jobs will increase by 6.5%.

Green jobs have shown stability in Illinois in recent years. Looking from 2018 through 2021,
there has been steady and significant demand for core, enabled, and enabling green jobs. While
we see demand across Illinois for green workers, the greatest concentration is in the Chicago
metro area with 71.5% of all green job postings in 2021. The strong uptick in green job demand
in 2021 in Illinois is an indication that the green economy in the state is strengthening. Coupled
with projected demand above the national average for the next five years, there is a promising
outlook for green jobs in the state.

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