A megafire raged for 3 months. No one’s on the hook for its emissions.

Read the full story in the Washington Post.

Canada and some other nations argue that events such as wildfires and insect infestations are “natural disturbances” that are mostly beyond human control.

Accounting for those emissions against their pledges under the Paris agreement would not only be unfair, they claim, but also obscure efforts to understand the impacts humans are having on the land when theyplant trees, restore wetlands or improve farming practices to store carbon in soil.

Instead, Canada has crafted a sophisticatedsystem to determine whether it is managing its forests in ways that help soak up more carbon over time. But that scientific approach leaves an unresolved political question: Who is actually on the hook for the massive greenhouse gas pollution from megafires, thawing permafrost and other land-related emissions around the world?

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