Solutions to the climate crisis will come from the multitudes

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Climate change is commonly discussed as a systemic problem, not an individual-level problem. But in our current system are very real, very powerful individuals with their hands on the controls, essentially turning the dials up or down on the levels of planet-warming greenhouse gases that are churning into our atmosphere every second. Utility commissioners empowered to approve yet another coal or gas plant or shut it down. American politicians emboldened to enact climate legislation or let it die. Corporate directors who with one vote can continue to pump funds into the fossil fuel industry or cut off its lifeline.

Climate change is not just a systemic problem, it’s also a leadership crisis.

But the climate solutions we have at our fingertips today come from and belong to the multitudes. They were born from farmers, builders, Indigenous knowledge holders, engineers, educators, foresters, healthcare workers and many more. And the multitudes will ultimately bring these solutions to scale. Here’s how.

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