Logistics gets on a sustainable track

Read the full story from GreenBiz.

Moving goods from Point A to Point B has long been a polluting process, thanks to the dirty petroleum-based “bunker fuel” used to power most oceangoing vessels, the energy- and carbon-intensive world of aviation and other legacy fuels and technologies. And, alongside both, the trucks and trains that move things on terra firma. All are considerable sources of carbon pollution, not to mention other problematic emissions into the air and water. And all have been under pressure to change.

At long last, those changes may be en route. A truckload of technologies, partnerships and global agreements are putting solutions, some of them decades old, on a fast, or at least faster, track. Combine that with corporate and government purchasing commitments that stoke demand for greener logistics options, along with stepped-up regulatory pressure to decarbonize the transportation sector, and you have the makings of a disruptive shift.

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