Employee green behavior: A meta-analysis

Katz, I. M., Rauvola, R. S., Rudolph, C. W., & Zacher, H. (2022). “Employee green ehavior: A meta-analysis.” Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management, 1– 12. https://doi-org.proxy2.library.illinois.edu/10.1002/csr.2260 [open access]

Abstract: Due to climate change, the need to protect biodiversity and reduce pollution, and governmental regulations, many organizations are aiming to become more environmentally sustainable. In this context, researchers and practitioners are increasingly interested in the construct of employee green behavior (EGB). EGB has been considered by numerous empirical studies over the last two decades and its associations with demographic characteristics, individual differences, work-related perceptions, and job attitudes. To systematically synthesize the rapidly growing literature on EGB, we conducted a meta-analysis (k = 135 independent samples; total N = 47,442 employees). Results showed positive associations between EGB and, for example, pro-environmental attitudes, corporate social responsibility, and green psychological climate. We further report the results of a meta-analytic path model based on the theory of planned behavior, which showed that pro-environmental attitude, norms, perceived behavioral control, and intentions positively predicted EGB.

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