Latest UN climate change report highlights urban mitigation strategies, circular materials management

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Urban planning that incorporates widespread electrification and carbon-sequestration while increasing density is the best way cities can slash emissions within the next decade to limit global warming, according to authors of the highly anticipated United Nations climate change mitigation report released Monday.

The report, the third release from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s Sixth Assessment Report, addresses buildings, transportation, and energy systems, as well as entire urban systems. It also delves into the importance of “using materials more efficiently, reusing, recycling,” as well as minimizing waste and encouraging circular material flows in the industrial sector, which are “currently under-used in policies and practice.”

“Without a strengthening of policies beyond those that are implemented by the end of 2020, GHG emissions are projected to rise beyond 2025,” the IPCC laid out to policymakers. Some of the authors said the report ought to gravely reinforce to leaders the importance of making changes immediately, even though the information and strategies it contains largely are not new and the IPCC isn’t meant to be a prescriptive body.

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