Why you should use the library as a valuable — free! — resource for cookbooks, kitchen tools and more

Read the full story in the Washington Post.

Recently, a subscriber got in touch looking for some recommendations on bread baking cookbooks. As tends to happen, I responded with way too much information, and a pretty substantial reading list. Of course, it was more than anyone would want to buy, especially as a beginner, but since cookbook preference is a matter of personal taste, I suggested he just check out a stack from the library. I mentioned even I forget to hit the online catalogue first when I’m deciding whether to buy a book, especially one published several years back. He said he was the same way.

So let this be my reminder to you, too: If you have yet to avail yourself of all the ways your local library can help you be a better, more inquisitive cook — or simply save you some money — there’s no better time than now (especially with National Library Week kicking off April 4). With many of us cooking at home more than ever, we could all use a little jolt of inspiration and novelty. Or just some escapist reading.

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