Could plasma be a sustainable sanitation solution?

Read the full story from North Carolina State University.

Imagine never having to worry about washing your produce before you eat it. Both the package and the produce would already be sanitized, and you could feel confident it’s safe and clean to consume.

That’s the goal of assistant professor Deepti Salvi within NC State’s Department of Food, Bioprocessing and Nutrition Sciences. As a food engineer interested in food processing techniques, Salvi is researching methods that do not involve heat, including plasma. Plasma is the fourth state of matter, and it’s created by applying energy to gas. It’s also found commonly in nature, including in lightning and the northern lights…

With this new technology, instead of putting produce in a plastic bag at the grocery store, it would already be packaged in a sealed, recyclable container, similar to what you see with takeout containers at restaurants.

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