Bobcat preys on Burmese python eggs in Everglades

Read the full story from the Wildlife Society.

First-of-its kind footage reveals that bobcats may prey on invasive Burmese python eggs in southern Florida. While the video showed only a one-off confirmed case, the discovery reveals that some native wildlife may be able to fight against the spread of the disruptive predators…

In a study published recently in Ecology and Evolution, Currylow and her colleagues reported that, initially at least, they didn’t see much action. The nesting females moved so little—or so slowly—that they didn’t even trigger the motion detection devices on the cameras.

But suddenly the camera was triggered. It wasn’t the adult female snake setting it off—the serpent was absent. It was an interloping bobcat (Lynx rufus). The wild cat first investigated the nest then later began to dine on the eggs. “It very slowly began to devour the nest,” Currylow said. The feline even cached some of the eggs and came back over several days for leftovers.

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