Starbucks tests 100% reusable cup store

Read the full story at ESG Today.

Starbucks announced the launch of a program using only reusable cups in all beverages at its SODO 8 Starbucks café located in its Seattle office.

The new test program follows the launch last year by Starbucks of the Borrow-a-Cup initiative at several Seattle-area test stores. The program enables customers to order a beverage in a reusable cup and pay a $1 deposit. Customers can then scan and return the cup at a participating store’s return kiosk, and scan their Starbucks App to receive a $1 credit to their Starbucks Rewards account. The returned cup is then professionally cleaned and sanitized and returned to circulation within 48 hours.

Borrow-a-Cup will now be a permanent feature at SODO 8, the Starbucks café located in the Starbucks Seattle office, enabling customers to participate in the program or bring their own cup.

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