Climate change’s attention deficit disorder

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Remember climate change?

It’s not an entirely facetious question. With a brutal war and humanitarian crisis raging in Eastern Europe, a resulting global energy crisis, a quickly unfolding food crisis, a shaky global economyraging inflation — oh, and a still-rampaging pandemic, with all its health and mental health impacts — it’s been not-so-easy to keep the climate crisis top of mind.

Did I mention that there’s increasing talk about World War III?

Even before Vladimir Putin’s latest crusade into Ukraine, climate had been a challenging story to sustain. There’s the good-but-not-good economy and all the pocketbook issues therein: jobs; childcare; the cost of food, gasoline and other basic human needs. And with many of those being front-burner, kitchen-table issues, something as long-term and abstract as the climate keeps getting shoved aside.

Folks are exhausted. I’m exhausted simply writing the previous three paragraphs.

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