What to know about 5 big plans for U.S. carbon removal

A direct air capture (DAC) plant operated by Climeworks, a DAC development company. Photo by Julia Dunlop/Climeworks

Read the full story from the World Resources Institute.

The U.S. has a particularly large role to play in leading global development of carbon removal approaches and technologies. Given its outsized contribution to the CO2 that is already in the atmosphere (known as its “legacy emissions”) carbon removal will be needed not only to counter-balance residual emissions — or those that can’t be reduced or eliminated by mid-century, for example from long-haul shipping or aviation — but also to address these legacy emissions.

As the U.S. has emitted more carbon dioxide to date than any other country in the world, the country’s investment in scaling carbon removal could help contribute to greater equity in global climate action.

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