‘Keeping It Civil’ podcast dedicated to improving civil discourse

Read the full story from Arizona State University.

From a young age, Americans are often told to avoid controversial topics such as politics and race. But avoiding them altogether may have contributed to today’s political polarization. Instead, Americans should engage in civil discourse. That is the rationale behind the relaunch of the podcast “Keeping It Civil,” a partnership between Arizona State University’s School of Civic and Economic Thought and Leadership (SCETL) and Arizona PBS.

“Keeping It Civil” is dedicated to creating space for disagreement on relevant topics and bridging political polarization through civil discourse. In each episode, hosts Joshua Sellers and Henry Thomson interview prominent intellectuals, authors and scholars with diverging views on pressing issues in America. Guests discuss a wide range of topics, including political reform, systemic racism and racial disparities, free speech on campus, meritocracy and populism. 

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