Pilsen kids ask EPA head to protect them from ‘massive amounts of pollutants in … air we breathe’

Read the full story in the Chicago Sun-Times.

Saying they can’t take any more air pollution in Pilsen because it’s making them sick, a group of six children hand delivered a letter to the top environmental official in Chicago Wednesday asking her to promise to conduct a comprehensive health study of the community before any new government approvals for a longtime scrap-metal operation is allowed.

Debra Shore, the regional administrator for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, agreed to briefly meet the children and discuss their concern about Sims Metal Management, a polluting business that is seeking multiple government operating approvals after being found to violate air pollution laws.

Shore said she’d meet with additional community representatives and discuss the study idea with other government officials but stopped short of guaranteeing such a health analysis would be done. Sims shreds and transports large amounts of metal, including scrapped cars, emitting tons of chemicals and other contaminants into the air annually. The limits are required to be controlled so they don’t harm the public. 

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