Is climate change impacting the safety of chemical facilities?

Read the full story from the Government Accountability Office.

Across the nation, the federal government regulates approximately 11,000 facilities that make, use, or store extremely hazardous chemicals in amounts that could harm the public if accidentally released. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires these facilities to develop a risk management plan to prevent or minimize the consequences of an accidental release.

Climate change may increase the frequency and intensity of certain natural hazards, putting these facilities at greater risk of damage and releasing chemicals into surrounding communities. According to federal data, approximately 31% of the facilities we analyzed (3,219 of 10,420) are located in areas impacted by some natural hazards, such as wildfires and flooding.

Want to find out if any of these facilities are close to where you live or work? Check out our interactive map for details on these facilities and whether they are in areas with known natural hazards, such as flood zones.

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