Webinar: Storylines for 2022: Where Does Climate Journalism Hit the Wall?

Mar 24, 2022, 10:30 am CDT
Register here.

Climate journalism is at a turning point, as the day-to-day impacts of the climate crisis deepen and people everywhere search for the next, best thing they can do to make a difference.

The science says we have until 2030 to cut global greenhouse gas emissions by 45%. We know where the emissions are coming from. The solutions are practical, affordable, and ready for prime time. So the race is on.

But it isn’t that simple. Different groups across society—governments, industries, citizens—can influence different parts of the problem. The solutions aren’t always as easy as they seem. So getting the right information to people who need it most is one of the key ingredients of the climate response everyone is looking for.

That means climate journalism plays an essential role in getting the climate emergency under control. But it often hits a wall—when a news outlet can’t follow a story to its conclusion, or when focused knowledge in areas like climate finance, municipal climate action, or a decarbonized power grid doesn’t reach the audiences that can put it to use.

Join our expert panel of journalists and climate practitioners to learn how climate journalism can:

  • Tell the stories that help drive faster, deeper carbon cuts;
  • Spotlight the gaps that are slowing down the shift off carbon;
  • Assemble the audiences that can use timely, targeted information to make a difference.

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