Research, restrict, and remediate PFAS: What to expect next from EPA

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The Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”) launched its PFAS Strategic Roadmap: EPA’s Commitments to Action 2021-2024 (the “Roadmap”) on October 18, 2021. EPA presents the Roadmap as a comprehensive approach outlining the agency’s actions to address per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (“PFAS”) over the next three years and provides insights into what to expect from the agency. The agency’s strategy incorporates multiple EPA offices and draws on multiple sources of regulatory authority, indicating that EPA’s PFAS strategy will likely include new regulations integrated into a number of existing EPA programs on an incremental basis. The Roadmap, developed by the EPA Council on PFAS, provides what it calls a “lifecycle approach to PFAS,” focused around three “central directives:” (1) Research; (2) Restrict; and (3) Remediate. EPA also placed a particular emphasis on ensuring engagement and equitable access to solutions regarding low-income and communities of color. In this article, we discuss what to expect from EPA based on the Roadmap.

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