Extension offering beginning forest landowner course in southern Illinois

The University of Illinois is offering a beginning program for forest landowners in southern Illinois.

The year-long course is open to landowners in the 16 southernmost counties of Illinois and focused on new forest landowners or landowners who are not actively managing their forest.

The goal is to help participants develop knowledge and skills needed for basic forest and natural resource management and management planning for forested land. Topics covered will include forest ecology, tree identification, the timber harvesting process, thinning and pruning, managing for wildlife, invasive species control, and prescribed burning.

A $50 fee will include full-day instructional sessions and field-based mentoring opportunities with experts from the U of I Extension forestry staff and program partners. Participants will also be connected with other experienced forest landowners to gain insight and support through a peer-to-peer network.

Space is limited. Visit bit.ly/3rCwpzu for information or to complete a short application. All applicants will be contacted. Direct questions to Chris Evans, Extension forester, at cwevans@illinois.edu.

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