Surveying the BECCS Landscape

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This report is a systematic review of the literature to understand the key opportunities and challenges associated with bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS), a broad set of systems that integrate the use of energy derived from biomass with the capture and long-term storage of carbon. BECCS has received much attention due to its potential to remove greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere; however, there are uncertainties regarding BECCS pathways that may have adverse economic, social, and environmental impacts. While BECCS can potentially decarbonize numerous sectors, including agriculture, forestry, electricity, waste, and industry, BECCS deployment in practice has been limited, and the actual emissions reduction potential of a given project depends on the project’s exact configuration, given the varying technical potential of BECCS projects in different geographic regions. Additionally, both the opportunities and challenges for rural and environmental justice communities are underexplored.

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