Biden administration releases plan for tackling lead pipes

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The Biden administration released a new plan for removing the country’s lead pipes on Thursday, and also said that it would allow a long-delayed Trump administration rule to take effect. 

Tesco to offer refillable cleaning sprays in bid to reduce plastic packaging

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Tesco has announced its launching a refillable line of cleaning products that could save up to 60 million pieces of plastic a year.

The supermarket chain is introducing a new range of six own-brand spray bottles that can be reused by mixing Tesco dissolvable capsules with water to make a new cleaning solution.

Hundreds of companies promised to help save forests. Did they?

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About 80 percent of the trees razed each year in the tropics are cleared to make space for growing cocoa, soybeans, palm oil and cattle that are the raw materials for chocolate, cereal, leather seats and thousands of other products. Ten years ago, some of the world’s largest companies, including Coca-Cola, Kellogg’s, Walmart and Mars, pledged to change their practices to help end deforestation by 2020. Some, like Nestle and Carrefour, went even further, saying they would eliminate deforestation from their supply chains altogether.

The 2020 deadline arrived, and some companies reported advances toward their goal. No company, however, could say it had eliminated forest destruction from its supply chain. Many others did not even try, said Didier Bergeret, sustainability director for the Consumer Goods Forum, an industry group of more than 400 retailers and manufacturers that organized the pledge. And annual deforestation in the tropics, where trees store the most carbon and harbor the most biodiversity, has lately been on the rise.

From farm to shelf: Mondelēz International targets net zero across the value chain by 2050

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With the holidays on the horizon, many shoppers around the world are filling their baskets with Cadbury chocolate. Meanwhile Mondelēz International, parent company to Cadbury Dairy Milk as well as other brands such as LU Biscuits, Oreo and Toblerone, recently committed to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions across its supply chain by 2050, including targets for cocoa ingredients.

How to save the prairie, acre by acre

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The health of the prairie is vital. It maintains the state’s watersheds and supports two major agricultural exports: cattle, and the wheat that becomes the nation’s bread. Once North America’s largest ecosystem, the prairie now is rapidly shrinking: Less than 4 percent of the tallgrass prairie remains, according to the National Park Service, with most of it in Kansas, a state with very little public land.

That means that conserving the prairie is up to private landowners like Harder, along with farmers and ranchers. Harder and her husband, Bob, have made conservation their life mission, spending the last 30 years transforming 40 of their more than 100 acres in south-central Kansas into a native prairie preserve in their backyard. Biology students visit their property to learn about prairie flora, and the local arboretum, the Dyck Arboretum of the Plains, depended on Harder’s donated native seed to diversify its offerings. “Few if any prairie plantings in the state have been fully restored using local ecotype seed,” says Brad Guhr, head of prairie restoration and education at the arboretum.

UK business claims to have ‘world’s most sustainable lithium-ion battery’

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English manufacturer Aceleron claims every component of its devices can be accessed for replacement, repair or recycling, with the business’ co-founder stating the aim is to ensure ‘100% of the materials in our batteries will continue to be used for as long as possible – preferably forever.’

Can the DOE’s community solar target to power 5M homes be met? Not without state-level support

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The federal government has proven adept at creating lofty energy goals, well-intentioned to move toward a greener future, but the initial vision does not provide the blueprint to make those targets a reality. This is particularly true when federal ambition rests on state action.

From Farm to Kitchen: The Environmental Impacts of U.S. Food Waste

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EPA prepared the report, From Farm to Kitchen: The Environmental Impacts of U.S. Food Waste, to inform domestic policymakers, researchers, and the public about the environmental footprint of food loss and waste in the U.S. and the environmental benefits that can be achieved by reducing U.S. food loss and waste. It focuses primarily on five inputs to the U.S. cradle-to-consumer food supply chain — agricultural land use, water use, application of pesticides and fertilizers, and energy use — plus one environmental impact — greenhouse gas emissions. 

This report provides estimates of the environmental footprint of current levels of food loss and waste to assist stakeholders in clearly communicating the significance; decision-making among competing environmental priorities; and designing tailored reduction strategies that maximize environmental benefits. The report also identifies key knowledge gaps where new research could improve our understanding of U.S. food loss and waste and help shape successful strategies to reduce its environmental impact.

‘Green hydrogen developers fear electrolysers will quickly sell out when the ketchup effect kicks in’, says Nel CEO

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Jon André Løkke tells Recharge that his company, one of the world’s leading electrolyser makers, is in discussions with clients about reserving manufacturing capacity for their projects.

The uncertain fate of an alpine mountain lodge

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Because of melting glaciers, the Rifugio Guide del Cervino, a rustic hangout for skiers and mountaineers, may be located in Italy, Switzerland, or both.