Prairies on fire in Montana amid a record December heat wave

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Record-high temperatures and powerful winds have sparked a series of unusual December prairie fires in Montana, one of a series of late-season fires across the country amid an unusually warm approach to the winter season.

Second-life EV batteries find use in railway crossings

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Eventually the battery packs at the heart of electric cars are going to reach the end of their useful lives, but their story doesn’t necessarily end there. They can still retain enough charge for other applications, such as energy storageboating and even classic car conversions. Now Nissan has found another use for such batteries, replacing lead acid units in emergency power supplies at railroad crossings with second-life Leaf batteries – something the company says was previously unheard of.

DFW gets first delivery of sustainable aviation fuel

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Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) in the US has secured its first delivery of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), as part of a joint circular economy project in the aviation space.

U.S. airlines and Amazon join push to reduce aircraft emissions

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Major U.S. airlines and’s aviation unit are joining an effort to speed development and use of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) to decrease emissions in air transport.

Lack of power grids sealed fate for early electric cars

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New research shows that insufficient infrastructure was key in American car manufacturers choosing gasoline cars over electric cars in the early 20th century. If electricity grids had spread just 15 or 20 years earlier, a majority of producers would have likely opted for electric cars, according to the study.

What is tree equity? A new tool from UChicago data scientists is helping to transform neighborhood health

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More trees mean healthier neighborhoods, and a new map is helping the city of Chicago identify neighborhoods that could benefit from increased investment in street trees.

Health geographer and data scientist Marynia Kolak and a team of fellow University of Chicago researchers recently partnered with Chicago’s Department of Public Health to develop a new advanced mapping tool—one that combines tree data with other metrics related to health outcomes, including air quality, surface temperature and traffic volume.

Decarbonizing your supply chain: Where to begin?

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Unlike many operational decarbonization challenges, reducing supply chain emissions isn’t simply a matter of financing and applying technological solutions — it’s a matter of building and maintaining relationships. This article describes five actionable steps for decarbonizing supply chains. By following these steps, we suggest organizations can build and maintain positive relationships with their suppliers.

Global EV sales rise 80% in 2021 as automakers including Ford, GM commit to zero emissions: BNEF

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Electric vehicles (EV), including battery electric and plug-in hybrids, made up 7.2% of global car sales in the first half of 2021, up from 2.6% in 2019 and 4.3% in 2020, according to new data from BloombergNEF. In North America, EVs made up 3% of sales in the first half but industry observers say 5% is possible as second half sales pick up.

“Global momentum towards zero-emissions road transport has accelerated significantly,” BNEF said in a report released Wednesday on the transportation sector prepared for the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26).

News of higher EV sales came alongside a commitment from General Motors, Ford and other automakers for all new car sales to be zero emission by 2040. Governments, including New York and California (but not the United States), also signed the pledge.

Climate change: Mars and PepsiCo offer lessons in decarbonization, call for a ‘redesign’ of supply chains

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With world leaders vowing increased scrutiny over businesses’ climate policies at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) and regulators crafting disclosure rules to increase transparency around firms’ climate risk profiles, executives are scrambling to accurately map their carbon footprint.

Companies that have already set detailed, science-based targets describe the practice as a ‘monumental task,’ particularly in efforts to reduce Scope 3 or indirect emissions.

Warming temperatures increasingly alter structure of atmosphere

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Climate change is having an increasing impact on the structure of Earth’s atmosphere, a new international study shows. The research draws on decades of observations to quantify that warming temperatures are playing a greater role in pushing up the top of the lowest level of the atmosphere by about 50-60 meters per decade.