Webinar: Introducing EPA’s Energy Savings and Impacts Scenario Tool

Dec 8, 2021, 1-2 pm CST
Register here.

This one-hour webinar will introduce the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s new Energy Savings and Impacts Scenario Tool (ESIST) to be launched the same day. ESIST is a customizable and transparent Excel-based planning tool for analyzing the energy savings and costs from energy efficiency programs and their impacts on emissions, public health, and equity. Users can generate energy efficiency scenarios from 2010–2040 at different geographical resolutions, ranging from national- or state-level analysis to different customer sectors within specific utilities.

ESIST enables users to develop scenarios and estimate the multiple benefits of electric customer-funded energy efficiency investments–including avoided emissions, public health benefits, peak demand impacts, and energy burden reductions–and review customer demographic data.

ESIST is a scenario planning tool that balances complexity and relative ease of use, combining several publicly available and peer-reviewed data sets. Users can customize data assumptions or use default values. During this webinar, EPA will provide an overview of the tool, describe use cases, and a perform a demonstration for users.


  • Maggie Molina, EPA’s State and Local Climate and Energy Program
  • Cassandra Kubes, EPA’s State and Local Climate and Energy Program
  • Patrick Knight, Synapse Energy Economics

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