Why microplastics are not THE whole story

All around the world, scientists have been finding microplastics in hundreds of aquatic species, our food and drinking water, and consequently, in our bodies. It is important to understand what this means for our health and for the environment, but it is more important to understand that microplastics are not the WHOLE story.

While the ubiquity of microplastics and the fact that we are ingesting them on a regular basis is truly alarming, the reality is that we are exposed to thousands of proven and potentially hazardous chemicals everyday, but there is a tremendous lack of information about these chemicals or their toxicity.

Co-organized with Sahabat Alam Malaysia, this webinar aims to look at how microplastics is not the story, but rather part of a bigger story connected to the overproduction of plastics, the use of toxic additives, and a lack of transparency and limited accountability for plastics producers.


  • Therese Karlsson, PhD – IPEN Technical and Policy Advisor
  • Aeshnina Az-zahra Aqilani – River Warrior, Indonesia


  • Mageswari Sangaralingam, Sahabat Alam Malaysia

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