Toxic contamination on bases leave thousands of veterans reeling

Read the full story at MilitarySpot.

For years, the epidemic of toxic contamination at military bases & installations owned and/or used by the United States Armed Forces has resulted in poisoned the environment and placed military personnel and their families at risk for severe health problems. It is remarkable that contamination at military bases has become so widespread and dangerous that more than two-thirds of all Superfund sites designated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are military-affiliated.

The United States military is a massive enterprise tasked with the responsibility of operating industrial manufacturing and testing facilities for weapons, military vehicles, chemical warfare, and research; ship, vehicle, and aircraft manufacturing and repair facilities; training and maneuver bases; and other military-related products and services. These activities generate by-products and enormous amounts of hazardous waste that significantly harm both the environment and human health.

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