Smoke from western wildfires leaves a deadly path as it crosses the U.S.

Read the full story in Fast Company.

Even though there have been no major wildfires in the region, East Coasters may have seen some concerning smoke-fueled air-quality warnings pop up on their weather apps this summer. The cause is cross-country plumes from Oregon’s massive Bootleg Fire, drifting all the way across the continent to New York, Philadelphia, and Toronto, 2,500 miles away.

A new study warns that that traveling smoke has detrimental health effects on Eastern populations—in fact, it found that there were more total smoke-induced asthma morbidities and mortalities in recent years in the East than in the West. The researchers say Easterners, and especially those with pre-existing conditions, should be aware of these health impacts and take steps to protect themselves, especially as wildfires are due to worsen in coming years.

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