3 cities enter accelerator program to help achieve 100% zero-emissions commercial vehicles by 2030

Read the full story at Smart Cities Dive.

The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), the International Council on Clean Transportation and other nonprofits and industry groups have awarded Chicago, San Diego and San Jose, California, each with a $100,000 grant to support local partners working to achieve 100% zero-emissions commercial vehicles in their cities by 2030, according to Amanda Eaken, NRDC’s director of transportation with the American Cities Climate Challenge.

The winning cities will use the program’s financial and technical assistance to support the following plans

  • Chicago aims to achieve zero-emissions commercial vehicles in “overburdened communities” through its Drive Clean Chicago program, a cargo e-bike pilot and an incentive program to encourage businesses to transition to electric fleets.
  • San Diego leaders will create a medium- and heavy-duty zero-emission vehicle infrastructure blueprint that transitions decision-making power to the communities most impacted by diesel pollution while identifying obstacles and solutions in the move toward electric vehicles.
  • San Jose, California, will design a zero-emissions neighborhood pilot program, launch an equity task force that includes local residents, aim to pass a “zero emissions resolution” with the city council and establish an urban freight working group with private-sector partners.

The opportunity was made available to the 25 cities participating in the Bloomberg Philanthropies American Cities Climate Challenge, according to Eaken. The three cities stood out based on their commitment and capacity; their collaboration with community partners; their commitment to equity and their realistic ambition for the one-year program, she said. 

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