Ida strengthened quickly into a monster. Here’s how.

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Hurricane Ida, which struck the Louisiana coast on Sunday with winds of 150 miles an hour, gained power faster more than most storms. Because of climate change, such rapid strengthening is happening more often as hurricanes pick up more energy from ocean water that is warmer than before.

But in a summer of extreme weather, Ida’s intensification was extreme.

Inside clean energy: Which state will be the first to ban natural gas in new buildings?

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As California’s new building code stops short of gas ban, here’s what other states are doing.

Lululemon plans to make leggings from plants

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But they still won’t be biodegradable, pointing to the complexities of developing products that are truly gentle on the environment.

How much carbon are we adding to soil?

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Adding recycled organics to the soil is likely to increase total soil carbon. The question is what is the best way to quantify the net increase?

As heat island effects worsen due to climate change, cities try to adapt

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New trees and lighter pavement are among the cooling measures to help tackle worsening urban heat islands.

Is federal food waste reduction policy on its way?

This two-part article explores new activity on the federal food waste reduction policy front. Part 1 looks at two newly introduced bills: The Zero Food Waste Act and the COMPOST Act.

Part 2 shows how Harvard Law School Food Law and Policy Clinic and partners are working to help shape such federal policy and what strategies they think make most sense.

Biden wants an electric vehicle revolution. Will communities of color be left behind?

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While the White House is driving a proposal to accelerate electric vehicle usage to combat carbon emissions, advocacy groups say Black and brown neighborhoods must benefit, too.

Hot days mean worse air. So why are climate and smog seen as separate?

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UN report confirms that local agencies need to add heat into air pollution equation

As disasters mount, central banks gird against threat of climate change

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From the Bank of England to the People’s Bank of China, monetary authorities of the world’s largest economies are gauging how climate change could rock the financial system. Though long committed to being “market neutral,” some are even starting to push greener investments.

‘Green steel’: Swedish company ships first batch made without using coal

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Hybrit sends steel made with hydrogen production process to Volvo, which plans to use it in prototype vehicles and components