Today, measuring company carbon emissions is about doing your best

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Measurement feels like it should be an exact science, with imputative results and no guesswork. But in the world of carbon emissions, we just aren’t there yet.

More companies want to be “carbon neutral.” What does that mean?

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Terms like “carbon negative” and “climate positive” have recently popped up in branding.

6PPD quinone: The environmental contaminant killing Coho salmon

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An everyday chemical has been found to be highly toxic. Contamination of waterways is responsible for what had been the unexplained mass deaths of Coho salmon. We take a look at 6-PPD quinone, what it means for the food system and why it is important to develop detection methods.

What Does It Mean to be Net-Zero in the Financial Sector?

Investors, lenders and climate policy experts discuss how the financial sector can achieve net-zero lending and investment portfolios.

Speakers: Brian O’Hanlon | Executive Director, Center for Climate-Aligned Finance | RMI Danielle Sugarman | Director, Investment Stewardship | BlackRock Deborah Ng | Head of Responsible Investing and Director, Total Fund Management | Ontario Teachers’​ Pension Plan Jacqueline Smith | Vice President, Sustainability | JPMorgan Chase

This session was held at GreenBiz Group’s VERGE Net Zero, July 27-28, 2021. Learn more about the event here:

Library offers food for thought, and for butterflies

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At the request of the local environmental club, Earth Action Team, the Oak Park Village Board passed a proclamation Feb. 8 declaring 2021 the “year of the butterfly” to inspire the community to create healthy habitats for monarchs.

The Oak Park Public Library (OPPL) has joined the effort by planting two pollinator gardens on library premises to support monarch butterflies, whose numbers have decreased dramatically in recent years. 

Severe drought reignites decades-old conflict between Oregon ranchers, Indigenous peoples

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Vast stretches of the Western U.S. are suffering under scorching temperatures, rampant wildfires and a years-long drought that’s depleting lakes and reservoirs. The water scarcity is tearing apart one southern Oregon community where farmers, native tribes and endangered species are all struggling to survive this summer. Stephanie Sy has the story.

Are you prepared to defend your recyclability claims?

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In December, Walmart was sued for allegedly deceiving consumers about the recyclability of its private-label product packaging. Not just called out on social media or criticized in a vigilante blog post, but sued in California Superior Court in Alameda County. While the first hearing isn’t until this month and a ruling is far from determined, the nuance at the center of this legal battle illuminates a core complexity — and key point of contention — in the world of consumer packaging. 

Can you recycle a hard drive? Google is quietly trying to find out

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Rare earth magnet recycling is about so much more than sustainable data centers.

UCF researchers create global storm surge database

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The new information will help fill in gaps in historical data to improve scientists’ ability to perform storm surge flood risk assessments.

Virtual clothing: A waste of money or a way to save the planet in style?

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Spending real money on digital fashion may seem wasteful, but luxury and budget clothing brands alike are leaning into the trend, which has the opportunity to make fashion more inclusive and environmentally friendly.