Pokemon GO for climate action successfully funded on Kickstarter

Descendants Of Earth fully funded their Kickstarter campaign within 24 hours for a new game that is 400 years ahead of its time. The Melbourne-based tech startup is now pursuing their stretch goals until the campaign ends on August 14 AEST. Using real climate action to progress a time-bending storyline, players experience how their actions change the future and compete to see whose actions have the biggest impact. Team up or play solo as you build a settlement strong enough to survive the wastelands in the year 2412.

“Descendants Of Earth lets players experience the devastating long-term impacts of climate change and invites them to change our future with real action.” said co-founder Natalia Shafa.

Use the Climate Action Index to help your descendants survive a climate-changed future by sending resources forward in time. Earn resources by inputting completed actions into your phone. Resources earned in-game are split into Energy, Water and Materials. The more resources players send to their descendants, the more their world improves.

“If we’re going to fight the climate crisis we need to make better use of the supercomputers we carry around in our pockets. Our phones have become so powerful, but we’re not using them to their full capacity against this existential threat.” said co-founder Edmund Weir.

Entry into the game’s early access program is available as a reward on their Kickstarter. Having met their initial target, the campaign is now seeking funding for additional game features through their stretch goals, these include settlement construction, natural disasters and the ability to regenerate the Earth. Early backers get the opportunity to shape the game itself while saving the actual world.

Check out the Descendants Of Earth Reveal Trailer

Descendants Of Earth is an international startup formed in 2019, comprised of team members from Australia and the United States. Their mission is to make environmental action fun and accessible in order to reach the critical mass of participation needed to prevent irreversible climate change. The game is co-founded by Natalia Shafa and Edmund Weir. Natalia hails from Seattle, USA and is a marketing veteran and sci-fi author. Edmund is an urban planner and game designer from Melbourne, Australia. The project has teamed up with Landing Site Studios (USA), with a full release expected for early 2022.

Press Contact:

Natalia Shafa, contact@descendantsofEarth.com

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