Fine bubble lagoon aeration

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Air Diffusion Systems fine bubble diffusion has had a transformative effect on the treatment at Annawan, Illinois, Wastewater Lagoon System. With 90% of system funding coming from the Illinois EPA, Annawan has been able to provide improved water quality to the rural community at a fraction of the electrical cost to operate the aeration system…

In 2018, the Village of Annawan operator, Mark Crosby, contacted the Smart Energy Design Assistance Center (SEDAC), an organization that provides cost-free energy evaluations to wastewater treatment plants in Illinois for an assessment to identify improvement opportunities for the village’s lagoon system.

SEDAC recommended “fine bubble aeration with blower controls, and downsizing blowers.” This recommendation led the village to Air Diffusion Systems (ADS) for its wastewater treatment. Using these recommendations, village management applied for funding from the Illinois EPA (ILEPA) Wastewater Treatment Plant Energy Assessment Program, designed to fund energy-efficient projects at public-owned WWTPs. The ILEPA Office of Energy has partnered with the Illinois Sustainable Technology Center (ISTC) and SEDAC to provide funding solutions for improved wastewater treatment at a reduced cost to local municipalities. Due to the power savings associated with ADS technologies, there are many comparable federal and state funding opportunities for most ADS installations.

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