Colorado’s water scarcity may finally be coming for your local duck pond

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Water supplies are so tight in the West that most states keep close watch over every creek, river, ditch and reservoir. A complex web of laws and rules is meant to ensure that all the water that falls within a state’s boundaries is put to use or sent downstream to meet the needs of others.

To prevent waste and avoid sparking an interstate legal battle, Colorado has started cracking down on what may seem like a drop in the proverbial bucket — illegal ponds.

Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy names winners of 10th annual Sustainability Awards

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The U.S. Dairy Sustainability Awards program — celebrating its 10-year anniversary — has a new class of seven winners that demonstrate excellence in sustainability and contributions to the industrywide 2050 Environmental Stewardship Goals, as well as positive efforts in communities.

Footprinting, target setting, and reduction strategies: Carbon Trust outlines priorities to cut emissions

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Industry has observed a significant uptick in demand for product footprinting. FoodNavigator hears from the Carbon Trust’s associate director Tom Cumberlege to find out how it calculates F&B emissions and what challenges brands face in achieving carbon neutrality.

Mars mobilising suppliers for climate action: ‘If sustainability is the what, procurement is the how’

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Mars is backing a new coalition that aims to support climate action through global supply chains. Kevin Rabinovitch, VP Global Sustainability, tells us that procurement is one of the most powerful tools in the company’s arsenal in the fight against climate change.

EPA aims to reduce food waste in supply chains to tackle GHG emissions

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By reducing food waste in production and supply lines, the agency is exploring the prioritization of food recovery over waste diversion.

Low-income neighborhoods have fewer trees. Here’s why that’s a problem

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The first nationwide Tree Equity Score data could serve as a guide for leaders and residents to advocate for more tree shade in lower-income neighborhoods.

Climate activism has a branding problem and this logo generator is here to help

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Austrian design studio Process has created the AI project Tokens for Climate Care, which creates original (and free-to-use) graphic symbols based on an organisation’s core mission.

New European city air quality viewer allows you to check long term air pollution levels where you live

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Air pollution is a serious problem in many European cities, posing a real risk to health. Today, the European Environment Agency (EEA) launched the European city air quality viewer. You can check how the air quality has been over the past two years in the city where you live and compare it with other cities across Europe.

Farmers urgently need to diversify, but they cannot do it alone

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Boosting biodiversity on farms is crucial to make them more resilient to climate change and protect future food security, but it will not happen without change across the food supply chain from seed producer to consumer, agronomists say.

Researchers develop polymer film made from 100% natural ingredients

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Researchers from the University of Cambridge have created a polymer film made from 100% plant protein that requires no chemical additives – and they claim it has comparable functionality to conventional plastics.