The Path to a Low-Carbon Future

Watch the video at Politico.

Reducing waste and conserving scarce natural resources are key goals of the movement to a circular economy. The majority of the world’s carbon emissions are associated with extraction of resources and production of goods, but circular economy measures are rarely included in policies aimed at meeting emissions reduction targets. As the U.S. considers opportunities to reduce waste and improve recyclability, how can these efforts be aligned with those to combat climate change?

POLITICO hosted a high-level conversation on what it will take to build both a circular economy and a low-carbon future. They also explored the roles of the private sector and government in building infrastructure for the circular economy.

Jared Blumenfeld
, Secretary for Environmental Protection, State of California
Caren McNamara, Founder and CEO, CONSCIOUS CONTAINER
Denise Patel, U.S. Program Director and Regional Coordinator, U.S./Canada Region, GAIA
Rep. Chellie Pingree (D-ME), Chair, Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies Subcommittee
Moderated by: Gloria Gonzalez, Deputy Energy Editor, POLITICO Pro

Jordan Fengel
, Sustainability Manager, U.S. & Canada, Tetra Pak
Moderated by: Cally Baute, Vice President and General Manager, POLITICO

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