Highview Power to develop first major cryogenic energy storage plant in UK

Read the full story at Greentech Media.

Highview Power is taking its unusual cryogenic or liquid air storage from demonstration to commercial scale.

The company is developing its first large-scale system in the northern part of the U.K., it revealed Monday. The first project will have a capacity of 50 megawatts/250 megawatt-hours and could be up and running by 2022.

It’s not a done deal: Highview is still looking for offtakers to secure contracted revenue that could balance merchant activity in Britain’s wholesale markets. But Highview has a location locked down at a retiring thermal plant site and is working on procurement for the construction phase.

If built as described, this project would mark a milestone for the exotic technologies challenging mass-market lithium-ion batteries for longer-duration grid storage. Battery plants have begun supplying several hours of power in certain markets, but they are not economic for storing days’ or weeks’ worth of renewable power. A motley crew of technologies is vying to fill that gap, including flow batteries of various chemistries, giant block-stacking cranes and some mysterious but well-funded designs

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