Compostic clings to home compostable plastic alternatives

Read the full story at Waste360.

Determined to make a change in the way consumers use single-use plastics, Jon Reed set his sights on certified home-compostable plastic alternatives traditionally found in the kitchen: Cling Wrap and Resealable Storage Bags.

Founded by Reed in 2018, Compostic spent years developing products that provide the same functionality as traditional plastic wraps and resealable bags with the capability of breaking down in home compost at the end of the product’s useful life.

“I set out to develop a sustainable product that would mimic the convenience of plastic variants, making it easy for consumers to convert away from plastic,” he says. “Compostic is driven by its mission to eradicate plastics from our lives, providing 100% home compostable kitchen plastics that are entirely zero-waste, from the products to the packaging. Our long-term goal is to remove the need for consumers to use any traditional plastic products in their homes.”

Made from a blend of biopolymers, Compostic’s Cling Wrap and Resealable Bags also are vegan friendly, FDA-approved, BPA-free, non-GMO and non-toxic. The Cling Wrap’s packaging is free from any metal or plastic cutters, features soy-based inks and comes in a recyclable and compostable box. The wrap incorporates pre-perforated markings for seamless use, according to the company.

In a Q&A with Waste360, Reed discussed the product’s debut in New Zealand and talked about how quality and sustainability are driving Compostic’s newest innovations.

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