Day: April 7, 2021

Why Covering Canals With Solar Panels Is a Power Move

Read the full story in Wired.

Covering waterways would, in a sense, make solar panels water-cooled, boosting their efficiency.

Two French architects who ‘never demolish’ buildings just won the Pritzker Prize

Read the full story in Fast Company.

Anne Lacaton and Jean-Philippe Vassal focus on adaptive reuse, finding creative ways to reconfigure materials and avoid waste.

Young Climate Activist Fights to Save Indiana Wetlands

Read the full story at Treehugger.

Early this year, youth activist Leo Berry was at the Indiana State House with his mom and a couple of friends to support a climate resolution study and research bill that was being introduced. While there, the 11-year-old also heard about a bill that would repeal Indiana’s wetlands protections.

SB 389 would revoke the law requiring a permit from the department of environmental management for wetland activity in a state-regulated wetland.1 According to the Nature Conservancy, Indiana has already lost 85% of its original wetlands. If the bill passes, up to 90% of the remaining wetlands could be at risk.2

“I was shocked as we listened to Victoria Spartz [then state senator, now state representative] explain that it was a hassle and cost taxpayers dollars to continue to have protection on our wetlands,” Leo tells Treehugger. 

“She introduced this bill and I listened knowing this was not good, and after hearing about it that day and hearing the committee vote to pass it to the Senate for a vote, but NOT the climate resolution, I knew I had to do something. We need wetlands and healthy ecosystems to thrive.”

Leo and his mom Lindsey, already founded the non-profit Helping Ninjas, a movement to encourage kids to help change the world. Now Leo wanted to learn more about how to help the wetlands. He started a petition to raise awareness of the bill and the wetlands.

The bill passed the Indiana Senate by a 29-19 vote in early February and is now before the Indiana House.3

Leo and his mom talked to Treehugger via email about his involvement with the wetlands and his passion for the planet. This is a slightly edited excerpt from that conversation.

EPA chief highlights water improvement provisions in infrastructure bill

Read the full story at The Hill.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Michael S. Regan on Monday discussed water infrastructure-related provisions in the White House’s $2 trillion infrastructure package while participating in a virtual roundtable.

Do you obey public-access mandates? Google Scholar is watching

Read the full story in Nature.

Search-engine co-founder Anurag Acharya explains why it now tells authors when their papers should be made free to read.

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