IBM to Build a Solution to Support Solar Developers and Climate Entrepreneurs

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IBM and Raise Green, an impact investment marketplace for clean energy projects, announced their collaboration to empower any entrepreneur to start their own community solar energy businesses. Today marks the rollout of the latest Beta version of the Originator Engine, following the initial launch announced last year.

Is COVID-19 slowing progress toward the SDGs? Yes, say experts.

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Sustainability practitioners report poor progress toward each of the 17 goals, as well as on sustainable development overall.

These drones look for trash in waterways—and then send sailing drones to clean it up

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Together, flying drones and sailing drones are helping to clear rivers of plastic waste and oil spills.

Erasing Women from Science? There’s a Name for That

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Countless women scientists have have been shunted to the footnotes, with credit for their work going to male colleagues. This is called the Matilda Effect.

Tiny scoops of water are unlocking worlds of information about Oregon watersheds

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Environmental DNA, or eDNA, can help identify who’s in a river, stream or creek. Now, it’s helping scientists learn how threatened salmon and trout adapt to a changing environment.

Retracting publications doesn’t stop them from influencing science

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“Zombie papers” keep on getting cited, with huge ripple effects.

Major investors find electric utilities are not on track to meet decarbonization goals

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Electric utilities are failing to align their businesses with the Paris climate agreement goals and investors’ expectations, according to a new scorecard of major emitting companies.

The Climate Action 100+ Net-Zero Company Benchmark assesses the climate plans and performance of 159 large companies in several sectors, including electric utilities, oil and gas, automobiles, and more. The Climate Action 100+ coalition includes hundreds of investors that collectively manage assets worth more than $54 trillion.

Among the companies scored in the assessment are several large U.S. electric utilities: AESAmerican Electric PowerDominion EnergyDuke EnergyExelonFirstEnergyNextEraNRGPPLSouthern CompanyVistra EnergyWEC Energy, and Xcel Energy. The assessment also scored Berkshire Hathaway, the parent company of Berkshire Hathaway Energy.

Beyond Peak Delivery: Sustainable Shipping Alternatives

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The e-commerce market is fast approaching “peak delivery,” and strategic retailers and direct-to-consumer brands are looking for last-mile alternatives that can help them save money, reduce their carbon footprint, differentiate their brands and satisfy customers. Providing delivery options to e-commerce customers is not only necessary in response to worsening environmental and climate scenarios, but it’s also a smart, strategic way to balance the actual needs of customers with the financial needs of the business.


20 Hotspots to Start Fixing Nitrogen Pollution in Agriculture

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Surplus nitrogen from farm fertilizer contaminates drinking water, creates dead zones, and contributes to climate change. A new study pinpoints prime places to target with solutions.

UK business group unveils offshore wind database

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UK energy business development organisation NOF has launched an offshore wind projects database.

The NOF Offshore Wind Projects Database offers access to data on over 900 projects, an insight into the industry’s key players, a five-year forecast of market development and supply chain spend.